• Does the height include the stand
  • How Many Pieces are the Trees
  • What are your trees made of
  • Do they look like the picture
  • Do they come in boxes
  • Do you recommend them
  • Do they come with lights
  • Are your trees Bushy

Yes top of the Tree to ground when its on the stand

Fibre Optic Trees come in two joinable pieces

5ft Trees - Come in two pieces

Most others come in 3 pieces easily join together

High quality PVC not tinsel, Steel Branches and Steel Bases

Yes exactly like the picture in most cases pictures are taken in our showroom

Yes they are couriered to your door in sturdy boxes that will last for many years so you can store them with care

Yes I have 5 trees in my own lounge , Mark Williams General Manager, Owner, Director

Some do but for those that don't we recommend our LED SEED Lights which wires look invisible on a tree and have an amazing 200 LED's per 20 Metres

Yes we have searched the world for bushy , full trees that you cant see through , the trees are packed squashed for easy courier but will each look very bushy after 45 minutes teasing and fluffing, add your own decorations and you have a tree to be admired.